Syringe Guide

Pfizer Abboject (Needle)

The Abboject syringe consists of two pieces; a calibrated glass drug vial and matching plastic syringe barrel with integral injector needle.

Pfizer LifeShield (Protected Needle)

The LifeShield prefilled syringe gives you the choice to administer the medication through a traditional needle protected by the LifeShield shroud or through the removable pre-attached Luer Lock tip.

Pfizer Ansyr (Luer Lock)

The Ansyr syringe is a proprietary delivery option offering one-piece, polypropylene plastic construction and needle-free luer lock tip. The flexible luer lock system is easy to connect to any valve; or a needle or blunt tip can be added.

Pfizer Carpuject Injector

For use with all sized Carpujects. 

IMS Min-I-Jet (Needle)

The Min-I-Jet system is a two-part prefilled syringe with a standard needle. It is designed for the delivery of medication via the intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous route.

IMS Luer-Jet (Luer Lock)

The Luer-Jet provides the quality and reliability of the original Min-I-Jet with the safey of luer lock administration.

All syringes on this page are LATEX FREE except for the Abbott Carpuject Injector.