Washable & Reusable 3-Layer Protective Face Masks

Washable & Reusable 3-Layer Protective Face Masks

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Washable and Reusable 3-layer Protective Face Masks utilize air and water filtration fabric, a non-woven water-repellent material and a comfortable cotton barrier. The masks are available in two different styles: with ear loops, or a head strap. These three layers of protective barriers prevent particle droplets, splashes, sprays, splatters and harmful airborne particles (viral and bacterial) from reaching your nose or mouth. The masks have been tested through an infectious disease regimen with washings at 170 degrees, passing with high reviews at many state and national health systems. In high-risk situations, they can be paired with N95 masks to extend their life and, in less threatening environments, used by themselves. They can be cleaned in industrial or home washing machines, and reused the next day. Masks typically last through 30 washes.


  • Features liquid repellence, special air filtration and a soft cotton barrier
  • Sizing suitable for most adults (offers secure fitting for tightest seal)
  • Offers three layers of superior barrier protection
  • Have undergone rigorous testing by numerous health systems and infectious disease specialists, and passed all wash tests for sterilization
  • Provide maximum comfort, are lightweight, and breathable
  • Outer barrier protection prevents large particle droplets, splashes, sprays, splatter and harmful airborne particles (viral & bacterial) from reaching your nose or mouth 
  • Machine-washable, and reusable up to 30 washes
  • Not an N95 mask, but can be paired with an N95 masks to extend the life of the N95, or can be used by itself for protection
  • Currently in testing to secure FDA Certification


  • Style: Ear loops (item #PPE10160247E), or head straps (item #PPE10160247PS)
  • Size: One size fits most (8.5"x6" with ties for the tightest fit) 
  • Color: White
  • Made: North America
  • Layer one material: 100% spun-bond polypropylene
  • Layer two material: 100% white polyester filtration
  • Layer three material: 100% ring-spun cotton
  • Elastic material: 17.5% spandex, 82.5% nylon
  • Packaging: Individually bagged

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WARNING: This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection.

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