Ventlab AirFlow Resuscitator - Pediatric

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The Ventlab AirFlow Resuscitator comes with a bacterial/viral filter, an oxygen reservoir and a mask. The Guardian Filter has a 19mm ID inlet port and accepts 19mm or 30mm PEEP valves. This disposable BVM also has a built-in manometer in some units, which provides an extra and superior measure of clinical care, fostering better lung protection and promoting patient outcome.


  • Single-patient-use resuscitation bag available with or without integrated pressure manometer
  • Integrated color-coded pressure manometer effectively promotes proper pressure delivery (<20cmH2O); the tri-color fields alert the risk level of delivered pressure
  • Accurate pressure delivery helps reduce gastric insufflation, thus preventing vomiting, aspiration and pneumonia
  • Pliable bag body allows optimal tactile feel of patient’s lung compliance
  • Patient port swivel allows clinician to easily move around patient while maintaining proper resuscitation
  • Bacterial/viral filter protects clinician from contaminated expiration content
  • Multiple pediatric face masks optional


  • Bag volume: 1000mL
  • Stroke volume: < 700mL (ASTM Standard Hand)
  • Dead space: 10 mL with mask or low dead space adapter
  • Exhalation resistance: < 4cm H2O @ 5 Lpm flow
  • Pressure relief (optional): 40cm H2O
  • Attainable delivery pressure: 40cm H2O and override
  • Ventilator frequency: < 60 bpm (NO LOAD)
  • Operating temperature: -18ºC to 51ºC (0º TO 123ºF)
  • Storage environment limits: -40ºC to 60ºC (-40º TO 140ºF)
  • Patient port inlet: 15mm/22mm
  • Average device mass without mask: 0.22kg (0.50lbs)
  • Average length (basic model): 25cm (10")
  • Body mass use range: < 40kg (88lb.)
  • Tidal volume: 500mL, 500mL, 500mL
  • Rate: 12 bpm, 20 bpm, 30 bpm
  • O2 flowrate: 10 Lpm, 10 Lpm, 10 Lpm
  • FDO2: 99%, 99%, 98%  

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