Unistik® 3 Safety Lancets

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Unistik® 3 single-use safety lancets provide an easy and convenient way to perform capillary blood samples for tests including glucose, cholesterol, PT/INR, blood gas and other capillary tests. Featuring Comfort Zone Technology® (CZT&Reg;) and side-activation, Unistik 3 was designed to reduce pain for a more comfortable sampling experience. CZT® is comprised of eight raised pressure points on the patient end of the safety lancet. This patented technology sends a signal of comfort to the brain, helping to eliminate the pain associated with the fingerstick.


Unistik® Gentle: Item #AT1022

  • 30G x 1.5mm
  • Pediatric and frequent testing

Unistik® Comfort: Item #AT1042

  • 28G x 1.8mm
  • Low flow blood glucose testing, HbA1c

Unistik® Normal: Item #AT1002

  • 23G x 1.8mm
  • Medium blood flow glucose testing, cholesterol, HbA1c

Unistik® Extra: Item #AT1012

  • 21G x 2.0mm
  • High flow blood glucose testing, cholesterol, HGB, PT/INR and other like tests

Unistik® Dual: Item #AT1062

  • 18G x 1.8mm
  • High volume fingersticks and high volume heelsticks

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