SteriHood Keyboard Cleaner

SteriHood Keyboard Cleaner


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The SteriHood Keyboard Cleaner by SteriDesign© is meant for use in sterilizing keyboards which are used in limited space environments. This includes portable nurse stations and patient treatment rooms where keyboards are used on keyboard trays, as well as in offices, the hospitality field, education, and call centers.

The portable cleaner only takes up 2” of depth and 24” of width on the keyboard tray. Once it is installed on the rear of the keyboard tray it is like the device is not even there.

The SteriHood Keyboard Cleaner will sterilize any size keyboard (up to 10” x 22”) with its extendable reflecting cover. When not in use, the reflecting cover can be lifted up and away from the keyboard and folded down onto itself so that it never gets in the way.

The SteriHood Keyboard Cleaner will sterilize any keyboard to 99.999% of the worst antibiotic resistant bacteria that reside on your keyboard.  It is easy to use, simple to install, and designed to be a fast and effective product.

The standard cycle time is 5 minutes. The cleaning cycle is activated when the extendable reflecting cover is positioned over the keyboard and it is automatically turned off either at 5 minutes or when the cover is lifted up again, whichever comes first.

The SteriHood Keyboard Cleaner eliminates any need to have a waterproof keyboard or having to use aggressive chemicals that can be harmful to the keyboard or to the user.

  • Fits most keyboard sizes while easily fitting onto any desktop, nurses station, or mobile cart
  • 5 minute cleaning cycle with 99.999% sterilization of MRSA, C.Diff, E. coli, and many other viruses
  • Installs easily onto any desktop, nurse cart, or other mobile platform
  • Two-piece, EZ Slide cover design includes Auto On/Off switch that is built into the hinge, so unit comes on automatically when cover is engaged and turns off after cycle is complete
  • Underside of cover is vacuum metallized to a mirror finish providing 100% UV-C exposure
  • Easy to install, simple to use, low maintenance design
  • Bulb performs to required germicidal levels for 14,000 hours or 2 years
  • Visible LED indicator light reminds you to clean your keyboard or when your bulb needs to be changed
  • Dimensions: 2.5” tall x 21.7” wide x 4.5” deep (fits most keyboard sizes)

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