Simulaids Pediatric ALS Trainer

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A pediatric ALS trainer that is American made and offers the following realistic features for PALS/APLS training and practice.

  • BVM Ventilation
  • Intubation Head
  • Oral and Nasal Intubation
  • Sellick's Maneuver
  • Accepts NG Tube
  • Four Lead monitoring
  • Brachial Pulse
  • External Chest Compressions
  • Jaw Thrust
  • IV Sites in Arm and Hand
  • Two IO Legs
  • Scalp Vein(Cephalic) for palpation
  • Cranial Sutures and Fontanels

Manikin comes complete with:

  • Soft carrying case
  • Offers the ECG Simulator as an option (item # 101091)

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