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An economic, realistic CPR training manikin. CPR Brad comes complete with 3 airway systems, 3 mouth/nose pieces and a soft carrying case that doubles as a padded training mat.

All orders are shipped via ground except for certain larger orders, ambulance cots, etc. which ship via commercial trucking service.

When shipping ground you can expect the following transit days to your location. Please note: The transit days are based on business days.

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Value for money

4 4.0 out of 5 stars. February 25, 2014

Great manikin! Have 2 and prefer them to 'Annies'. Only downside I have gone through 2 heads - they crack at the back and 2 chest plates cracking in center of chest.

Would recommend - but please Simulaids can you do something to stop the cracking of the heads and chest plates - won't stop me buying more though!

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