SAM Pelvic Sling™ II

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The SAM Medical Pelvic Sling II is the first and only force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt designed to provide safe and effective reduction and stabilization of open-book pelvic fractures. If you're a trauma surgeon accustomed to dealing with motorcycle accidents, heavy-equipment injuries, falls from height, or severe car accidents, that says it all. For years, there's been no scientifically proven device for stabilizing pelvic fractures in the field, during the first golden hour after the accident, when lives are most easily saved. Now there is.

  • Each patented autostop buckle is individually tested to ensure that it engages at the correct force.
  • A low-friction plastic covering on the back side of the sling allows it to slide easily beneath the victim, with or without a backboard.
  • Soft interior fabric prevents unnecessary discomfort.
  • Velcro friendly exterior allows quick and easy fastening once the autostop buckle engages. Vapor-permeable belt prevents skin irritation and odor.
  • Pressure on skin does not exceed 32 mm of mercury, protecting skin from pressure damage. Except for two small metal springs in the buckle, the SAM Sling™ is transparent to X-rays.
  • Unaffected by altitude or temperature

Sizes based on hip circumference:

  • Small- 27"-47" (item#556651)
  • Standard- 32"-50" (item#556652)
  • Large- 36"-60" (item#556653)

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