Repro-Med Res-Q-Vac Suction Unit

Repro-Med Res-Q-Vac Suction Unit

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This item requires a completed
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The Repro-Med Res-Q-Vac® suction unit is suitable for suctioning newborns, pediatrics and adults. The unit features unique disposable canisters with soft wide-bore suction tips providing clog free operation.

The RQV100 and RQV200 both feature:

  • Weighs just 7oz with canister
  • Provides more than 500 mmHg of vacuum
  • Shorter stroke allows for less hand fatigue
  • Canister biohazard labeling system
  • Canister capacity of 300 ml for both adult and pediatric
  • Compact size fits easily into emergency kits

In addition, the RQV200 features:

  • Provides body substance isolation with new full stop protection against overflow and pathogens
  • Meets CDC’s SARS Guidelines and OSHA law
  • Safeguards user from chemical and biological agents
  • Catheters from 8FR to 28FR soft (not included)
  • Sterile and non-sterile catheters

Res-Q-Vac kits include: Reusable handle, adult suction canister, and directions for use. The RQV100 does NOT come with catheters. The RQV200 comes with one 10fr 3.5" and one 10fr 14" catheter only.

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