Prestan® Professional Infant Manikin CPR Rate Monitor

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As recommended by the updated 2015 CPR Guidelines, Prestan has taken its innovative and patented CPR Rate Monitor to the next level of quality feedback. When students are practicing CPR compressions on a Prestan Professional Infant Manikin, not only will they see when they have reached and are maintaining the minimum recommended speed of 100 cpm, they will also see when they reach the upper limit of 120 cpm - the yellow monitor light will flash rapidly to let them know!

How the CPR Rate Monitor Works:

  1. Begin compressions on the Prestan Professional Infant Manikin.
  2. When you reach the correct depth of 2-2.4", you will hear an audible CLICK to confirm.
  3. The clicker sends a signal to your CPR Rate Monitor with each compression and the CPR Rate Monitor instantly and continuously responds to your speed with color-coded LED lighting for invaluable feedback!

The Prestan® Professional Infant Manikin CPR Rate Monitor can be easily installed into a Prestan Professional Manikin by the end user.

Please note: Prestan® Professional Infant Manikin is not included.

  • Color: Blue

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