Precision Medical Compact Oxygen Flowmeter


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Precision Medical Compact Oxygen Flowmeters are lightweight & durable with the polycarbonate housing extending over the lightweight aluminum body providing superior durability. The housing is impervious to chemical solutions normally used in a clinical setting. They're easy to read with the state-of-the-art housing incorporates a white background that makes the flow settings easier to read. They're compact with their contemporary design results in a smaller unit that fits more easily into space-cramped wall rails. Unlike side-mounted knobs which are susceptible to damage, the flow control knobs are on the front of the flowmeter in clear sight of the operator. They're accurate as the flowmeters use black glass flow indicator balls. The properties of black glass, superior sphericity and exceptionally uniform density, ensure that the flowmeter is more accurate than flowmeters utilizing plastic floats. Lastly they're dependable where the flow tube has a lifetime warranty and the needle valve carries a five-year warranty.

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Item # 8MFA1005PTO Compact Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-15 LPM, Ohmeda w/ Power Take Off

Item# 8MFA1006PTO Compact Oxygen Flowmeter, 0-15 LPM, Chemtron w/ Power Take Off

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