Physio-Control LifePak 20 Defibrillator/Monitor (Re-certified)


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The Physio-Control LifePak 20 Defibrillator/Monitor is the ideal crash cart defibrillator putting early, effective defibrillation into the hands of BLS responders while transitioning easily to full therapy and monitoring capabilities for the ALS-trained code team.

The world leader in defibrillation technology brings you the improved LifePak 20 defibrillator/monitor, created especially for hospitals and clinics. Designed with extensive input from clinicians around the world, the LP20 is simple yet sophisticated, providing a flexible and effective tool to meet diverse defibrillation and monitoring needs.

The LP20 is highly intuitive, making it easy for infrequent AED-trained responders to quickly understand and use. The proven Shock Advisory System™ guides the user with voice and visual prompts through each step and simple 1-2-3 operation. With an easy push of a latch, the LP20 automatically converts to a manual defibrillator, including waveform displays. In manual mode, all of the advanced cardiovascular life support tools become available. The LP20 offers noninvasive pacing, Masimo SET pulse oximetry (SpO2), ECG monitoring (3- or 5-wire), and synchronized cardioversion.

Designed for indoor use, the LP20 is compact, lightweight, and easy to rush to the scene or use during transport. A convenient, optional docking station enables the device to be firmly attached to the crash cart for safe and rapid transport, or easily released – whatever the situation requires. The docking station swivels, for multiple viewing angles.

The LP20 features superb color graphics, easily viewed from many angles, enabling clinicians to clearly see color matched waveforms and values for efficient and informed patient care decisions.  

Every unit shipped will include:

·         LIFEPAK 20e defibrillator/monitor with BLS/ACLS front door (1 per unit)

·         cprMAX™ technology version 1.5 (consistent with 2010 AHA/ERC Guidelines)

·         Active color matrix LCD screen

·         Manual and AED functionality

·         Built-in AC power

·         Lithium-ion rechargeable internal battery

·         ADAPTIV™ Biphasic, escalating energy up to 360J

·         Synchronized cardioversion

·         3- and 5-wire ECG monitoring capability with lead select (3-lead ECG cable included with ship kit)

·         CODE SUMMARY™ critical event record with data port

·         Printer

Although we show several options, the LIFEPAK 20 Series Defibrillator can be configured in a variety of ways:
Pacing, NellCor Sp02, Masimo Sp02

Please call 800.558.6270 for additional options.

All re-certified defibrillators come with a one year warranty.

We also carry Re-Certified Battery Chargers – please call 800.558.6270 for pricing and more information.

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