O2-MAX™ BiTrac ED™ with CPAP Valve and Variable Flow Generator

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The O2-MAX™ is a disposable CPAP system for use in a wide range of respiratory distress conditions. The O2-MAX variable system includes a variable flow generator that delivers oxygen from 30% to 100% FiO2 with flow rates up to 140 l/m and 120” (3 m) of O2 hose and DISS connector.

The O2-MAX is compatible with the 3-SET™ (Simple Effective Titration) O2-CPAP Valve with adjustable pressure settings from 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 cm H2O. The valve allows the clinician to titrate the level of CPAP without carrying additional equipment.


  • System includes BiTrac ED™ full face mask and head strap, expandable anti-asphyxia circuit with CPAP valve, variable flow generator, O2 hose, DISS connector and adapter
  • Expandable anti-asphyxia circuit expands to 72”
  • Single-use system eliminates the need to keep track of durable equipment
  • Completely disposable system allows the ambulance to leave the CPAP system with the patient in the ED and attend to other calls
  • BiTrac mask is made of a 100% silicone cushion for comfortable low pressure seal and forehead pad helps prevent nasal trauma while allowing maximum seal
  • Latex-free
  • Made in the USA


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  • O2-MAX™ Training Video

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