NoseBudd Nose Bleed Cold Pack

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The NoseBudd product is a reusable device designed for application to the nose during a nose bleeding episode. A nosebleed is never a pleasant experience; whether your nosebleed occurs because of hitting your nose in an athletic activity, the dryness associated to winter climates, or use of anti-clotting blood thinner medication, stopping your nosebleed quickly and easily is a priority. Properly used, NoseBudd™ applies cold and pressure only to the areas of the nose where you need it, causing the capillaries in the nose to shrink and the bleeding to stop.
  • To be effective, the NoseBudd is taken from the freezer, held to the nose for 3-4 minutes and activity can be resumed!
  • For the product to work properly, it must be placed in a freezer until the gel has become sufficiently frozen.
  • The product is designed to locate cold only where it is necessary in order to stop nasal bleeding. Unlike a bag of ice or frozen vegetable packages, NoseBudd applies cold in the specific areas of the nose where bleeding occurs and avoids cold and the resulting numbing of the face.

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