Mylan EpiPen® Training Device

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Practicing with the EpiPen® Training Device can help ensure you know how to use your EpiPen® in the event of a severe allergic reaction.

The EpiPen® Training Device is easily distinguishable from the real Auto-Injector—the label clearly states "Training Device" and is pale blue in color.

The EpiPen® Training Device works in the same way as the real EpiPen®, but does not contain a needle or epinephrine. To use the EpiPen® Training Device simply pull off the blue safety release, swing and push the orange tip firmly into the mid-outer thigh until it "clicks", AND HOLD on the thigh for several seconds.

To practice again, the EpiPen® Training Device must be reset. To do this, replace the blue safety release, place the tip on a hard surface, squeeze the sides of the tip and push down.


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