MorTan Morgan medi-FLOW® Lens

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The Morgan medi-FLOW® Lens, by MorTan, provides ocular irrigation and/or medication to the cornea and conjunctiva. It consists of a molded lens with directional fins, attached tubing and adaptor. The Morgan Lens is a convenient and effective alternative to the conventional technique of “manual irrigation” of holding the eyelids open while flushing with a stream of irrigating solution. The Morgan Lens may be left in the eyes for hours, or even days, providing the continuous treatment that is often required for serious chemical burns.

Generally used for: ocular injury due to acid burns or solvents, gasoline, detergents, alkali burns, non-embedded foreign bodies, foreign body sensation with no visible foreign body, routine pre-operative care, eyelid surgery, or severe infection.


  • Most effective method for treating ocular trauma
  • Used in 95% of emergency departments in the USA
  • Widely used by physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel for emergency eye irrigation
  • Delivers a continuous flow of solution to the injured eye, within seconds, freeing medical staff to treat other injuries or to transport the patient without interruption

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