Hartwell Medical SUREVENT® MCI Kit

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The Hartwell Medical SUREVENT MCI Kit is compact, well organized, and provides an efficient means to provide ventilatory support for 1 to 7 patients. The durable, watertight hard case protects the oxygen manifold and the ten SUREVENT units from damage and moisture. The cases can be stacked in a disaster response trailer or stored on a shelf for quick deployment. The oxygen manifold has seven outlets, an in-line pressure gauge and an adjustable gas pressure regulator. A 20 foot oxygen supply hose is stored in the manifold base unit for easy access. Each manifold outlet has a 15 LPM fixed-orifice adapter (green) to provide a constant flow of gas through the oxygen supply tubing to the SUREVENT. Each of the two rear outlets have an additional 25 LPM fixed orifice adapter (yellow) that can be used in place of the 15 LPM adapters for supplying a higher flow rate to larger patients, if necessary.

The oxygen manifold unit is removable from the case so that it can be used as a single staging point for multiple patients. Set-up is easily completed by connecting the manifold to a 50 psi gas source, connecting the oxygen supply tubing from each SUREVENT to the appropriate nipple adapters that have been attached to the manifold DISS outlets, and then connecting the SUREVENT to the patient. There is no cleaning or annual calibration required for the individually packaged disposable SUREVENTs.

  • Ideal for Prehospital and Disaster Management
  • Provides a Single Staging Point for Multiple Patients
  • Handles from 1 to 7 Patients per Kit
  • Single Gas Source Connects to Multi-Outlet Manifold
  • Sturdy Base Stores 20 Feet of Oxygen Hose
  • Fixed - Orifice Adapters Provide 15LPM or 25 LPM
  • Built-In Regulator Allows for Gas Pressure Adjustment
  • Large 1.5” Gauge for Monitoring Working Gas Pressure
  • Holds 10 SUREVENT Disposable Ventilators (Sold Separately)
  • No Annual Calibration Needed for the SUREVENT
  • Watertight, Protective Hard Case
  • Kit is clearly Marked for Easy Identification


  • (1) Hartwell Medical 7 Outlet Oxygen Manifold Base Unit with Adjustable Regulator and Pressure Gauge
  • (7) 15 LPM Fixed Orifice Nipple Adapters
  • (2) 25 LPM Fixed Orifice Nipple Adapters
  • (1) 20’ Section of Oxygen Hose with DISS Fittings
  • (1) Laminated Instruction Placard
  • (1) Watertight, Hard Case - Color: Orange
  • Exterior Dimensions: 20.7” L x 17.2” W x 8.6” D
  • Weight: 20.4 lbs.
  • Operating Environmental Limits: 0 - 122° F (-18° to 50° C)
  • Storage Environmental Limits: -31° to 140° F (-35° to 60° C)
  • Gas Source: 50 psi Source for Connection to Manifold

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