Hartwell Medical CombiCarrierII® Head Immobilizer

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Unique Design - Designed specifically for use with the award-winning features of the CombiCarrierII® Scoop/Backboard, this head immobilizer allows for easy operation of the latch mechanism on the CombiCarrierII during application and removal from the patient.

Saves You Time - You can leave the low-profile base plate on the CombiCarrierII when storing it and save valuable on-scene time during an emergency call.

Security and Easy Patient Access - Compact, tapered head supports minimize lateral movement and maximize access to the patient’s neck and ears without compromising stabilization.

Durable and Versatile - Constructed of vinyl-dipped NBR, the head immobilizer is X-ray compatible, easily cleaned, and requires minimal storage space. It also fits most other 16” backboards in use today and is ideal for water rescues.

  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • X-ray compatible
  • Allows rescuers to easily operate the latch mechanism on the CombiCarrierII
  • Base plate can be left on the device when stored, saving valuable on-scene time
  • Fits on many 16” width backboards common in the industry today

Please note: CombiCarrierII® Scoop/Backboard is not included.

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  • CombiCarrierII and FASPLINT FULLBODY Demonstration

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