Guardian Angel® Light Bar - Magnet Mount

Guardian Angel® Light Bar - Magnet Mount


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Click on the Videos tab to learn more about the Guardian Angel® and to see the device in action - Lighting the way to increased safety!

The Guardian Angel® was designed by first responders with decades of on the job experience.  We know Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians often find themselves the first on scene in dangerous situations, to assist citizens while risking their own lives. In the past, the only protective gear available was a safety vest – until now. The Guardian Angel® has your back providing personal visibility and versatility in a lightweight mobile device.

  • Wide Application Use - Personal safety mini light bar ideal for EMS, Fire, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Personal Home Use, Public Safety, Construction - comes in multiple color combinations
  • Built Tough – durable, water resistant and able to withstand extreme work/weather conditions
  • Increased Visibility – industry-certified up to 2+ miles utilizing LED lights rated up to 930 lumens per LED
  • Long Battery Life - includes a sealed rechargeable battery giving you up to 93 hours of continuous use
  • Convenient Work Light - easily accessible allowing you to see in dark environments
  • Versatility – lightweight & portable – about 6 oz.
  • Numerous Mounts – applications for vehicle, bike, turnout gear, medical bag and more
  • Utilize multiple units to set up flight for life landing zones or safety perimeters for accident scenes

Please note at this time we are unable to sell the Guardian Angel® to any dealers/resale accounts.

Please take a moment and read the October 2014 review of the Guardian Angel® Light Bar recently completed by EMS World.

Here’s how it works:

Front & Rear LED Mode - The Guardian Angel® is equipped with a rear and front LED mode that can be used separately or together in any situation where being seen is the objective, such as at the scene of a traffic accident with oncoming traffic.   The Guardian Angel® will increase your visibility and therefore your safety on the scene.  Or the Guardian Angel® can be clipped to a medical bag to provide a safety zone to work.

Emergency LED Mode - The emergency mode of the Guardian Angel® activates front, rear, and vertical strobes simultaneously, allowing the Firefighter/EMT to be seen from up to 2.2 miles away. This emergency mode can be used in situations where a Firefighters/EMT finds him or herself in distress, allowing back up support a location point, or even to establish landing zones for flight-for-life units.

Work Light - The Guardian Angel® is equipped with a white LED work light that provides illumination of the immediate area in front of the Firefighter/EMT, to better assess the situation, gain supplies/meds for a victim or fill out any necessary paperwork – all while keeping your hands free.

Immediate On/Off Functionality – By simply pressing the center button on the Guardian Angel® you can immediately turn the unit on or off when situations deem necessary, putting the wearer in control of when they want to be seen or not.

Power Saver Mode - We understand the long shifts firefighters and EMT’s have, which is why we built in a power saver mode to give the Guardian Angel® longer battery run times. The power saver mode slightly diminishes the intensity of the Guardian Angel® illumination, but allows the user up to 93 hours of continuous use.   

Numerous Mounting Applications – The Guardian Angel® offers several different mounting systems (shirt clip, magnet mount, bike mount, window mount, belt clip and hard fastener mount) that are mostly interchangeable making the mounting options and applications endless.  Possible Mounting options for Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are:

  • Shirt Clip – Snap locks onto epaulette, 2” wide straps, medical bags, bicycle trunk bags, etc.
  • Magnet Mount – The powerful magnet easily attaches bunker gear, t-shirts, cars, motorcycles, safety vests, any metal surface, etc.
  • Bike Mount – This adjustable mount can strap to handlebars, seat posts, etc.
  • Window Mount – Utilizing a strong suction cup, this mount easily attaches to the windshield of any car.
  • Belt Clip – The belt clip securely fastens to SCBA straps, belts, car visors, shirts, pockets, etc.

All orders are shipped via ground except for certain larger orders, ambulance cots, etc. which ship via commercial trucking service.

When shipping ground you can expect the following transit days to your location. Please note: The transit days are based on business days.

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great personal light bar

5 5.0 out of 5 stars. December 27, 2016

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I got the White/Amber version as a test to see what the GA is really like. Yes, it is worth the extra cost over the generic "hockey puck" lights.

The two piece (strong) magnetic clip holds the unit through my reflective coat. I would have liked "belt and suspenders" with a slot to attach a keeper leash.

The white light is great on those early morning rural EMS calls when one forgets their headlamp. The Amber LEDs can be Front, Rear, or both depending upon what you want. The Power Save button allows one to tone down the lights - it even dims the lights when using Emergency/Panic mode.

Emergency/Panic mode is useful in low visibility situations like snow storms or fog - 360 degree mode for the LEDs plus two white LED for vertical illumination. Then one can press the Front or Rear button to quickly switch modes when traffic is closer.

I plan to get a Blue/Blue since in NY state volunteer fire fighters can run blue lights as a courtesy light. I can run Front inside to the scene then switch to 360 for the outside of my POV at the scene.

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