Glitterbug Handwashing Training Kits

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The Glitterbug® Standard Kit is versatile, yet compact. This set includes: GlowBar lamp with 4 D-Cell batteries, AC adapter for plug-in convenience, Handwash DVD (HCU.DVD), GlitterBug Potion (240ml), GlitterBug Powder (68gm), GlitterBug Instruction Manual, How to Wash poster (P132), two "I Was Rude" stickers (ST6), two Hand Brushes and one Glitterbug® Champion Medallion.

The GlitterBug Standard Kit (GBHS002) may be set on a desk, but the lights must be off in order to see how the product works.

The Glitterbug® Starter Kit is a compact kit which has all the ingredients for informative and entertaining training. The Starter Kit includes: SpotShooter8 Lamp with CR123 battery, Handwashing DVD, GlitterBug Potion (240ml/8oz), GlitterBug Powder (70gm/2.5oz, 8oz by volume), GlitterBug Instruction Manual, How to Wash Poster (P132), two sheets of "I Was Rude To a Germ" stickers (ST6), two Hand Brushes, GlitterBug Magnet, and one GlitterBug Champion Medallion.

The GlitterBug Starter Kit (GBHS004) is not intended for using on a desk.

The Glitterbug® Disclosure Center, while being cheerful and colorful, helps you get serious about hand hygiene. Featuring the bright and versatile GlowBar lamp, it is enormously helpful if you are doing a demonstration in a bright environment. Just use the GlitterBug Potion for testing handwashing technique and the GlitterBug Powder to illuminate "the trail of contamination" that often leads to, or spreads from, hands. Fluorescent particles present on hands will sparkle under the UVA GlowBar. GlowBar may be lifted out for convenient scanning of other surfaces and objects. The "ears" of the GlitterBug may be used to store GlitterBug Potion and Powder for carrying convenience. Everybody remembers the results of hand hygiene tests when exposed by the "Glitterbug" Disclosure Center. Measures 457mm W X 254mm H X 356mm D. Durable polyethylene construction.

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