Flexicare LarySeal Clear Laryngeal Mask Airway

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The Flexicare LarySeal Clear is a single patient use PVC laryngeal mask airway, engineered using extra soft matt textured materials to replicate as closely as possible that of silicone.

  • Medical Grade PVC
  • Single-Use
  • Sterile
  • Crush Resistant
  • Less Risk of Slipping or Dislocation
  • Universal Connection
  • Easy Indication of the Cuff Pressure through Pilot Balloon
  • Latex Free

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates the need for cleaning and re-sterilizing, saving time and reducing costs.

Color-Coded Pilot Balloon

  • Provides a visual confirmation of the size of the LarySeal as well as corresponding to the cuff Inflator.

LarySeal Inflator

  • The color-coded cuff inflator corresponds with the color-coded pilot balloon, allowing for quick identification of the maximum recommended fill volume.

Item Number


Unit of Mass


LarySeal Clear Size 1  



LarySeal Clear Size 1.5  

5kg - 10kg


LarySeal Clear Size 2  

10kg - 20kg


LarySeal Clear Size 2.5  

20kg - 30kg


LarySeal Clear Size 3 

30kg - 50kg


LarySeal Clear Size 4

50kg - 70kg


LarySeal Clear Size 5

70kg - 100kg

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