Flexicare Dual Nasal Cannula

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End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring & O2 Delivery Cannula

The Flexicare Dual Nasal Cannula is designed to provide oxygen to both nostrils and also sample CO2 at the same time.

  • CO2 is sampled from both nostrils for side-stream CO2 monitoring through the nares.
  • Fresh oxygen is delivered to both nostrils via the ports.
  • The patient’s expiratory flow will divert fresh gas away from the sampling nares.

Sampling from Both Nostrils

  • Excellent sampling accuracy as there are two end tidal CO2 sampling ports.

Oxygen Delivery to Both Nostrils

  • Oxygen is delivered to both nostrils at a lower rate, minimizing mucosal wall damage.

Secured Luer Lock

  • Secure luer lock connection for both male and female connectors.

Reliable Sampling

  • Reliable sampling under the following conditions: Clogged sinuses in one nostril, Deviated septum, polyps.

Patient Comfort

  • Soft tip cannula provides superior patient comfort and nare positioning.

Non Kinking Tube

  • Non-kinking tube ensures consistent and accurate delivery.

Universal Oxygen Connector

  • Universal oxygen connector is standard on all items.

Significant Savings

  • Dual’s comfort tech finish reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers, which are a substantial expense to treat.

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Adult Dual Nasal Cannula, Pigtail Male Luer (7ft)



Adult Dual Nasal Cannula, Pigtail Female Luer (7ft)



Adult Dual Nasal Cannula, Male Luer (7ft)



Adult Dual Nasal Cannula and Filter, Male Luer (7ft)



Pediatric Dual Nasal Cannula, Male Luer (7ft)



Adult Dual Cannula with Slip Disc Filter (7ft)


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