Flexicare BriteBlade Pro Fiber Optic Blade - Mac

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The Flexicare BriteBlade Pro is a 100% metal Fiber Optic Mac Blade designed for single use, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from both the blade and handle. It has a unique hinge design that prevents the folded blade from touching the handle.

Ultra Low Profile Blade

  • Flexicare’s Ultra Low Profile Macintosh design reduces the risk of dental damage, and improves visualization of the vocal cords, even during a difficult intubation.

Confidence & Control

  • 100% metal construction matches the proven reusable blade characteristics.

Eliminate Risk of Cross-Infection

  • Single-use individually sterile-packed blade.

Enhanced Vision

  • The encased Fiber optic bundle provides bright, focused high intensity illumination.

Minimize Risk of Cross-Contamination

  • Blade stop design in folded position prevents the blade from touching the handle.

Reduced Risk of Damaging Patient’s Teeth

  • Low profile design on Mac laryngoscope blades.

Wide Choice at a Low Cost

  • Full range of Macintosh blades with a lower overall cost than reusable purchase, maintenance, cleaning and sterilization costs.

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