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The EPI-ACCESS EPIPEN Teacher's Lounge Carrying Case is a unique product that is designed to store up to 8 epinephrine auto-injectors along with an area for photo identification, type of allergy and prescription details. Its bright colors make it easily identifiable when displayed on a wall in the classroom, principal's office, the administration office, daycare, etc. Completely transportable, lightweight and versatile, it can also accommodate asthma pumps and other medication that does not require refrigeration.

The Single Case Pouch is an individual epinephrine auto-injector storage pouch with an area for photo identification and emergency contact.
This pouch comes with a hook ready to be clipped onto a backpack, hockey bag, purse, etc. Can also be worn on a belt. Made in the same distinct colors to maintain consistency.

Prompt action is the key element when faced with such extreme emergencies. These products are also ideal on field trips, outings and at camp.
  • 8 photo identification cards included.
  • Additional cards may be purchased at a cost of $2.99 per package of 8.

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