Cyalume's 3" LightShapes

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Cyalume's 3" LightShapes use ChemLight™ technology and come with adhesive on the back - just press, snap and shake. Then stick the Lightshape anywhere for 180° of illumination that lasts for hours. NSN approved.

LightShape® Circle Markers can be used in triage situations to identify the most critical patients in need of immediate attention. Our LightShape® Circle Markers can also be used for rapid intervention teams and with search & rescue operations.

Storage Life - unlike battery powered flashlights, SnapLights® can wait for years in your bag and still provide dependable light when you need it. Safe Operation - SnapLights® are non flammable and can be used in confined spaces. SnapLights® consume no oxygen and can therefore be used inside any emergency vehicle. SnapLights® present no risk when used in the presence of oil or gasoline.

  • 3" Lightshapes can mark a hazard or the way out
  • Work hands free
  • Make illuminated signs with a permanent marker.
  • Available in six colors

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