B. Braun Introcan Safety 3 Closed IV Catheter

This item requires a completed License Authorization Form (LAF). Learn More.

This item requires a completed
License Authorization Form (LAF).
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B. Braun Introcan Safety® 3 IV Catheters are designed with innovative passive safety features to virtually eliminate accidental needlestick injury. From insertion to catheter deployment to needle removal, clinicians are protected by a system that is activated automatically and cannot be bypassed.

Introcan Safety 3 IV Catheters are simple to use and require minimum in-service training. These IV Catheters provide an added layer of protection and clinician control through a multiple access blood control septum.


  • Passive Safety Needle Shield: Aids in prevention of needlestick injuries
  • Multiple-Access Blood Control Septum: Aids in prevention of blood exposure
  • Integrated Stabilization Platform: Designed to improve catheter stability and minimize movement within the vessel
  • Universal Needle Bevel: Designed to make insertion more comfortable
  • Enhanced Hub Design with Smooth Ergonomic Surface: Designed for greater patient comfort, easier connections and less touch contamination

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