Ambu Res-Cue Mask

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The Ambu Res-Cue Mask is designed to provide protected rescue breathing for any patient (any age group) and may also be used with a resuscitator if you detach the filter. 

  • Transparent dome to allow visual check of patient’s condition
  • Head strap for fixation and secure positioning
  • Available in hardcase (items# 252102 and 252103) and softcase (items# 252104 and 252105)
  • Available with o2 Inlet (items# 252102 and 252104) and without o2 Inlet  (items# 252103 and 252105) 
Items # 252102 and 252104 Include:  Items # 252103 and 252105 Include: 
Mask Mask
Valve/filter Valve/filter
Gloves Gloves
Wipes Wipes
Head strap Hard or Soft Case
Oxygen inlet  
Hard or Soft Case  


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