Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders

Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders

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These lightweight aluminum oxygen cylinders (tanks) have industry standard posts and exceed all Department of Transportation Specifications.

Cylinder CAT-2 CAT-3 CS-1 CA-1 CAT-1 CAT-4 CAT-5 CA-6
Capacity in Liters 165 248 415 415 415 647 682 1723
Average Run Time @ 3LPM 55 min. 83 min. 138 min. 138 min. 138 min. 215 min. 227 min. 574 min.
Average Run Time @ 12LPM 14 min. 21 min. 35 min. 35 min. 35 min. 54 min. 57 min. 144 min.
  • Keep in mind aluminum oxygen cylinders (tanks) with built in toggles void the need for a wrench or handwheel!
  • All aluminum oxygen cylinders (tanks) are shipped unfilled.

All orders are shipped via ground except for certain larger orders, ambulance cots, etc. which ship via commercial trucking service.

When shipping ground you can expect the following transit days to your location. Please note: The transit days are based on business days.

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