Physician Prescription for AEDs

The FDA requires that all AEDs (except for the Philips Home OnSite) have a physician's prescription.  When you order an AED (new or recertified) on, Emergency Medical Products takes the hassle out of obtaining this prescription by providing one with your purchase free of charge.

In addition, if you are an Indiividual looking to purchase an AED, here is a list of the only AEDs that you can purchase from EMP:

  • Cardiac Science G3
  • Cardiac Science G5
  • Zoll AED Plus
  • Philips OnSite

If there are other AEDs (including Defibtech Lifeline, Defibtech Lifeline View, Zoll AED Pro, Philips Heartstart FR3, Heartsine Samaritan PAD 350P/450P or Physio Control Lifepak Express AED) that you are looking to purchase as an Individual, EMP cannot do so as we are not licensed to ship these directly to an individual.  These AEDs would require a physical business address and a Medical Director/Doctor to sign a Licensed Authorization Form.

We want owning an AED to be as easy and painless as possible.  If you have additional questions about AED ownership and prescription requirements, reach out to us via online chat on this website, or call our experts today at 800-558-6270.