Life can be complicated. Ordering shouldn’t be.

If you have questions about placing an order, check out the FAQs below. If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team.

I’ve already placed an order:

  • How do I check my order status?
    • If you ordered through your online account, your order status can be accessed via your Account Dashboard while logged into If you ordered through guest checkout, please contact our Customer Care team for more information.

  • How can I submit a request for a return or exchange?
    • To submit a request, follow the step-by-step instructions on the Returns page.

I haven't placed an order yet:

  • If I order today, when will my order ship?
    • For in-stock items, we normally ship within 1-2 business days. If you place an order before the cutoff window (3:00pm EST Monday-Friday), your order will be shipped the same day. If the cutoff is missed, orders will be shipped the next business day. See the Medication Ordering page for shipping times on pharmaceutical items.

  • The item I need shows out of stock on your website. Now what?
    • While we keep most products stocked in our warehouse, ready-to-ship, sometimes an item may run out of stock due to backorder or high customer demand. If there’s an item you need urgently that’s out of stock, give our Customer Care team a call, and they can help you find a substitute.  

  • What are the different methods you offer for ordering?
    • Order the way you prefer.
      • Order online:
      • Call: 800.558.6270
      • Fax: 800.558.1551
      • Mail: Send a completed Emergency Medical Product order form or your purchase order to:
        • Emergency Medical Products, Inc.
        • 25196 Network Place
        • Chicago, IL 60673-1251

  • What is the expiration date of the item I’m ordering?
    • We strive to offer product with at least 12-month expiration dating. However, there are instances where we cannot achieve this, due to manufacturer availability. The minimum expiration date we will ship to customers without notification is 6 months. If you have specific questions regarding expiration, please contact Customer Care prior to ordering.

  • Can I place an order to ship outside of the United States?
    • We do not allow any international orders on the website at this time. If you would like more information about international ordering, please contact Customer Care.


  • What payments do you accept?
    • For individuals:
      • We accept credit charges via American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa. We also accept money orders, certified checks, and wire transfers as pre-payments. Note: There is a $30.00 charge for all returned checks.

    • For organizations:
      • Upon completion and approval of a credit application, Emergency Medical Products offers payment terms of Net 30 Days. Due to our competitive pricing, open account terms are strictly adhered to. View credit application forms.


  • I see different prices on the website and your catalog. What’s the price?
    • The Emergency Medical Products website will always represent the most current pricing information. While we don’t like raising our prices, sometimes significant price increases from manufacturers will cause us to do so. In this rare event, the website’s price will reflect the change.

  • I placed an order on an out-of-stock item and the price increased! Will I be charged the new price?
    • If you place an order on an out-of-stock item and the price increases, we will honor the price on your original order. Once that order is fulfilled, future orders will be priced according to our website.

Shipping & Handling

  • How do I qualify for free shipping?
    • We pay all regular ground shipping charges on orders over $175.00. Orders with special shipping requests (Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air), orders for dealer or reseller accounts, or orders shipping outside the contiguous United States are not eligible for free shipping. View expedited shipping charges.
    • To learn more about shipping charges on orders under $175.00, visit our shipping page.

  • Do all orders ship via ground freight?
    • Most orders are shipped ground, except for certain larger items (think ambulance cots or exam tables), which ship via a commercial trucking service. We use FedEx as a carrier for ground orders.

    • Large items that require commercial trucking service are denoted on the product page with this message:
    • shipping-icon

    • If you place an order that requires shipment via commercial trucking service, special freight pricing will need to be calculated. Prior to processing your order, our Customer Care team will reach out to you with freight costs.

  • Are there any additional handling fees that apply to my order?
    • We have two types of handling fees: one for narcotic shipments and one for refrigerated shipments. The Narcotic Handling Fee is $10.50 per shipment, and the Refrigeration Handling Fee is $13.95 per shipment. If your order contains both narcotics and refrigerated items, the narcotics fee will be waived.
    • Please note: if you place an order for narcotics, refrigerated pharmaceuticals, or a refrigerated narcotics with your regular order, these items will be split from your main order and ship separately due to the unique nature and handling of these items.

Promotional Codes

  • How do I use promotional (promo) codes?
    • Promo codes can be added on the “Cart” page prior to checkout. Just look for the promo code box toward the bottom left of the page.

  • Are there any restrictions to using promo codes?
    • Yes. While other restrictions may apply, here are the current limitations:
      • Only one promo code can be used per order.
      • Promo codes may not be applicable to certain products including, but not limited to, medications and narcotics, clothing items, service contracts, software licenses, upgrade kits, capital purchases and more.
      • Promo codes do not apply to contract and dealer customers.
      • Promo codes are only valid on online orders unless otherwise stated.

Contact Customer Care if you have additional questions.