Regulated Product Ordering

Pharmaceuticals, devices and other regulated products can only be ordered by professional organizations with proper medical direction/documentation. We must have a completed License Authorization Form (LAF) on file to order. Regulated products cannot be ordered by individual consumers, patients, or non-medical professionals. Click on each section to expand and learn more.

  • Pharmaceutical, Devices & Other Regulated Product Ordering

  • Note: We are a wholesale distributor and not a retail pharmacy. We are not licensed to accept orders for regulated products from patients or non-medical professionals. Only medical facilities or licensed professionals are permitted to submit a Licensed Authorization Form (LAF) for the purchase of regulated items. If you are having trouble locating a provider, we recommend contacting your insurance carrier.
  • To order pharmaceuticals, devices and/or regulated products for your organization, we must have an LAF on file, complete, and signed by a licensed authorized party or Pharmacist-in-charge.
  • Do I have an LAF on file?
  • To see if you have a LAF on file, log in to the account dashboard, go to My Account, then License Authorization Forms. If you have an LAF on file, you will see the following:
  • If you don’t have an LAF on file, you will see the following:
  • You have no active LAFs on file.
  • How do I submit an LAF?
  • To submit an LAF, download the form below, complete and submit to us via email.
  • Note: Each LAF is tied to a single shipping address. We must have an LAF on file for every location you plan to ship regulated products to.
  • Download Form
  • Email Completed Form
  • Narcotic / Controlled Substance Ordering

  • All medications denoted with the following icon on the product page are subject to the narcotic and controlled substance ordering policies below.


    Account Setup

    Before your agency can purchase any narcotic or controlled substance prescription medications, Federal Law requires that Emergency Medical Products must have the following on file for each shipping address you order for:

    1. A completed License Authorization Form, signed by an authorized party.

    2. A copy of the DEA license for the location you wish to ship to.
    • Important things to know:
    • A state-controlled substance license is not acceptable as a substitute. Per Federal Law, DEA certificates are the only form of licensure we accept for narcotics or controlled substances. Some states also require a State Controlled Substance License to store and dispense these items.
    • The only address we can ship your narcotic or controlled substance order to is the address listed on the supplied DEA certificate. You can update the address on your DEA certificate online. Once it is updated and validated by our licensing department, we can ship to that address.
    • Your License Authorization Form and DEA certification documents can be emailed to us at or faxed to us at 866.470.1355.
    • Once we receive your completed form and DEA certificate via email or fax, your agency's account will be reviewed within 24-48 hours of receipt. Once cleared to order, you will be notified via email or phone.


    Class III & IV Narcotics/Controlled Substances

    Once your account is cleared, your agency will be permitted to order Class III & IV narcotics and controlled substances.


    Class II Narcotics

    A completed DEA Form 222 signed by an authorized party is required every time your agency places an order for Class II narcotics. Class II narcotics are listed online for informational purposes only and cannot be ordered online. For assistance in filling out the DEA Form 222, please refer to the numbered instructions below that correspond to the form's picture.

    Depiction of DEA Form-222 - NOT TO BE USED AS ACTUAL ORDER FORM

    Complete PART 1 of the form:

    1. Enter purchaser name, signature, and date. This is the person who signs the DEA application and renewals, or any individual who has been authorized by a power of attorney. Your Medical Director may or may not be the authorized agent.
    2. Since controlled substances are not returnable, please be very specific with the product information. Please see our Controlled Substances listing to obtain size of package and full descriptions.
    3. No. of packages - indicate the number of boxes you would like to order.
    4. Size of package - indicate the number of units per box.
    5. Name of item - drug name, concentration and delivery format (ie amp, carpuject, vial, etc.)
    6. Do NOT forget to complete the last line in the box of part one. Last line completed: indicate the number of lines you used to complete your order (ie if you wrote on one line, write the number 1)

    Complete PART 2:

    1. Enter Business Name as Emergency Medical Products. Street address will be 1033 Collins Rd. Suite B, Greenwood, IN 46143.
    2. Note: Emergency Medical Products will complete the Supplier DEA Number #

    Do NOT complete PART 3 and PART4:

    • Emergency Medical Products will complete these sections.

    Final steps for completion:

    • Make a copy of the completed form for your records.
    • Order your controlled substances.
    • Mail, UPS or FedEx your completed forms with a purchase order or a completed order form to our address listed below:
      Emergency Medical Products
      1033 Collins Rd. Suite B
      Greenwood, IN 46143

    Upon receipt of the controlled substances:

    • Complete PART 5 with the date and amount received.
    • File order form for your records.

    • Important things to know:
      • All narcotic orders must be run separately from all other products and/or medications you are ordering. We can use the same Purchase Order number (if applicable) for this separate order. Due to increased regulatory procedures and special handling, all narcotic orders are assessed a $10.50 Narcotic Handling Fee.

      • All narcotics are shipped Monday through Wednesday, unless expedited shipping is requested.
      • We cannot accept any walk-in or pick up narcotic orders under any circumstances.
      • All narcotics are sold in box and/or case lots only, unless denoted in the description.
      • All narcotics are shipped from our Greenwood, Indiana distribution center.
      • If the item you request is on backorder, we will hold your form for 60 days from the date on the form. After 60 days, a new form will need to be sent to us.
      • No narcotic orders are shipped for Saturday delivery.
      • We strive to offer product with at least 12-month expiration dating. However, there are instances where we cannot achieve this, due to manufacturer availability. The minimum expiration date we will ship to customers without notification is 6 months. If you have specific questions regarding expiration, please contact Customer Care prior to ordering.
  • Refrigerated Medication Ordering

  • All medications denoted with the following icon are subject to the refrigerated medication policies below.

  • Important things to know:
    • All refrigerated medications are shipped in a heavy-duty Styrofoam shipping cooler, lined with air packets, and enclosed with ICE-BRIX refrigerant packs. This ensures protection from heat and damage.
    • Refrigerated drugs are only shipped on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to ensure that your shipment arrives during the business week. If you are more than two scheduled ground shipping days from our location in Wisconsin, your refrigerated order will be processed separately from any other items you are ordering and will be shipped to you via 2nd Day Air.
    • All refrigerated orders must be run separately from all other products and/or medications you are ordering. Due to the extra procedures, shipping containers and 2nd Day Air delivery used to ship your refrigerated medication properly, all refrigerated orders are subject to a $13.95 Refrigeration Handling Fee per order.
    • Please note that due to the strict compliance placed on refrigerated drugs, they cannot be returned.