Inventory Status

  • Inventory status shows whether or not a particular product is available. This status can be found on every product page beneath the product and manufacturer name.
  • Below are the inventory statuses and their meanings:
    1. In Stock – Available immediately
      • If your order contains in-stock items and is placed before 3pm ET, it will ship out same day.
    2. Non-stock Item – Typically ships in 3-6 weeks
      • We don’t typically stock these items on our warehouse shelves, but we are happy to place a special order for you. Please expect a shipping delay of 3-6+ weeks.
    3. Drop Ship – Ships directly from manufacturer
      • Shipping timing is dependent on how quickly the manufacturer ships the product. This varies based on manufacturer. Contact Customer Service if you’d like more information on a specific product.
    4. Limited Quantity – Available until stock is depleted
      • This item will be discontinued when our current inventory is depleted. Snatch these up while supplies last!
    5. Long-term Backorder – Product shortage – expect delays
      • There is an inventory shortage (usually industry-wide), and we don’t have an estimated timeframe of when we will receive stock.
    6. Discontinued – See notes for replacements
      • We no longer sell this item. See notes on the product page for suggested replacement items, if available.
    7. Currently Unavailable - Currently unavailable for purchase.
    8. Out of Stock – Ships in X-X days/weeks/months
      • We can’t guarantee when these items will ship, but we have provided an estimate based on what we know from the manufacturer who is shipping the product to us. Rest assured – we will get you the product as quickly as we can!

    9. Screenshot of Backordered Items Report