Inventory Status

  • Product Inventory
    • Inventory status shows whether or not a particular product is available. This status can be found on every product page beneath the product and manufacturer name.
    • Below are the inventory statuses and their meanings:
      1. In Stock – Available immediately
        • If your order contains in-stock items and is placed before 3pm ET, it will ship out same day.
      2. Non-stock Item – Typically ships in 3-6 weeks
        • We don’t typically stock these items on our warehouse shelves, but we are happy to place a special order for you. Please expect a shipping delay of 3-6+ weeks.
      3. Drop Ship – Ships directly from manufacturer
        • Shipping timing is dependent on how quickly the manufacturer ships the product. This varies based on manufacturer. Contact Customer Service if you’d like more information on a specific product.
      4. Limited Quantity – Available until stock is depleted
        • This item will be discontinued when our current inventory is depleted. Snatch these up while supplies last!
      5. Long-term Backorder – Product shortage – expect delays
        • There is an inventory shortage (usually industry-wide), and we don’t have an estimated timeframe of when we will receive stock.
      6. Discontinued – See notes for replacements
        • We no longer sell this item. See notes on the product page for suggested replacement items, if available.
      7. Currently Unavailable - Currently unavailable for purchase.
      8. Out of Stock – Ships in X-X days/weeks/months
        • We can’t guarantee when these items will ship, but we have provided an estimate based on what we know from the manufacturer who is shipping the product to us. Rest assured – we will get you the product as quickly as we can!

      9. Screenshot of Backordered Items Report

  • Pharmaceutical Expiration Dates
    • Pharmaceutical expiration dates are shown on the product page for relevant items. The date displayed is the date of the next item to be pulled from the warehouse shelf. While this offers a good estimate, it is not a guaranteed expiration date for the product you will receive.