Account Management

Managing Your Account

    Screenshot of icon in top corner
  • To manage your account, sign in and select "Account" located in the top right corner. From here, choose "Account Dashboard."

Account Settings

    Screenshot of Account Settings page
  • Under Account Settings, you can update information such as your first and last name, phone number, account email address and account password. Under the "Send Order Confirmation Emails" section, you can also include the email addresses of colleagues or other members of your organization that you would like to receive confirmation emails when you place an online order.

My EMP Rewards

    Screenshot of Rewards page for account with points
  • The Rewards page on your account dashboard will show the number of points you have earned, how many points are needed to reach your next reward, and a history of your points. You can also find links to the program details and rewards FAQs from this page. If you have not already joined the Rewards Program, you can do so by clicking the "Join Now" button that appears on the Rewards tile.

Order Status & History

    Screenshot of Order Status & History page
  • Under Order Status & History, you can view all previous orders and their statuses for your account. Your Order Status & History dashboard contains all orders placed by anyone associated with your EMP account number, even if the orders were not placed on the website. You can search by shipping address, order date, confirmation number, order number, invoice number or PO number, and view order information such as tracking number, amount owed, order total and order status.

Previously Ordered Items

    Screenshot of Previously Ordered Items page
  • Looking for an item you’ve ordered before? The Previously Ordered Items page allows you to search for all items that have been ordered by your account. You can search for items by shipping location, date, or by item name or item number using the search box. Once you’ve found an item, you can easily add it to your cart by selecting the "Add To Cart" button on the page.

Address Book

    Screenshot of Address Book page
  • Your address book allows you to manage and save billing and shipping addresses associated with your account.
  • Billing Address: Because your entire account with Emergency Medical Products is linked to your billing address, it cannot be changed online. If you have changes to your billing address, contact our Customer Service team.
  • Shipping Address: There is no limit to the number of shipping addresses you can have on your account. Shipping addresses can only be added or deleted. To make changes to a shipping address, delete the old address and add a new address.

Saved Credit Cards

    Screenshot of Saved Credit Cards page
  • The Saved Credit Cards page displays all saved credit cards that are associated with your account. Saving credit cards to your account can help expedite the checkout process and prevent you from retyping your card information.
  • If you would like to save a new credit card, click "Add Credit Card" on the page and enter and save your card information.
  • If you have multiple cards on your account, you can set one as your default card by selecting "Set as Default" on the "Saved Credit Cards" page. Your default card will be the first card selected in checkout if you choose to pay with a saved credit card. For security reasons, credit cards cannot be edited, only added or deleted.
  • When you are signed in to your account, you can also save your credit card information in the payment step of the checkout process by clicking the "Save credit card for future orders" check box.

Supply Lists

    Screenshot of Supply List listing page
  • Supply lists allow you to quickly access, organize and order the products you need with only a few clicks. Supply lists can be accessed from your Account Dashboard or from the "Account" dropdown in the red header. For more information, see Supply Lists below.

Saved Carts

    Screenshot of Your Cart page
  • Filled up your cart, but not quite ready to check out? You can now save your cart and come back to it later. When you select "Save Cart" on the cart page, you will be prompted to name your cart and add a description.
  • You can find a list of your saved carts on the Saved Cart page of your account dashboard. From here, you can view the cart name, date saved, cart description, the number of items and their quantities in your cart and the subtotal.
  • Hit "Restore" to activate a saved cart. When you restore, any items in your existing cart will be merged with the saved cart you are restoring. You can also save a copy of the cart in your list of saved carts.
  • Pro tip: if you order the same items at the same quantities frequently, using saved carts is a quick and easy way to place orders! You can keep using the same saved cart over and over again.


    Screenshot of Reports page
  • The Reports page allows you to access a number of different reports for your account: Backordered Items Report, Purchase Summary Report, DSCSA Transaction Report, Purchase Per Month Report and Pharmaceutical Backorder Report. For more information, see Reports below.

License Authorization Forms

    Screenshot of LAF page
  • The License Authorization Forms page shows a listing and status of any LAFs on file for your account. These forms are required to purchase certain prescription medications, narcotics and medical devices from Emergency Medical Products. If you do not have required licensing on file for the products you are purchasing, you will be notified during the checkout process, or a member of our licensing team will reach out to you if additional paperwork is needed.

Payment Terms

    Screenshot of Payment Terms page
  • If your account has a line of credit with Emergency Medical Products, you will see a tile for "Payment Terms" on your account dashboard. On this page you will be able to view your organization’s payment terms and any outstanding balance.
  • If you would like to request a credit line, visit our forms page to fill out an application.