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Medical Tape

Medical Tape is an important tool for compressing and holding down skin. Shop different types of tape including adhesive, athletic, clear, cloth, surgical and more. Emergency Medical Products (EMP) carries a generous selection of Medical Tapes by top brands like Dynarex, Kendall, Dukal and more. Whether you're taping down gauze pads or wrapping injuries, EMP has got what you're looking for.
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Curaplex<sup>®</sup> Transparent Surgical Tape
3x Points

Curaplex® Transparent Surgical Tape


Curaplex<sup>®</sup> Cloth/Silk White Adhesive Tape, 10yd
3x Points

Curaplex® Cloth/Silk White Adhesive Tape, 10yd


Curaplex<sup>®</sup> Paper Adhesive Tape, White, 10yd
3x Points

Curaplex® Paper Adhesive Tape, White, 10yd


Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Paper Surgical Tape

Dynarex® Paper Surgical Tape


Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Cloth Surgical Tape

Dynarex® Cloth Surgical Tape


Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Transparent Surgical Tape

Dynarex® Transparent Surgical Tape


Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Athletic Tape

Dynarex® Athletic Tape

$15.59 - $20.99

3M<sup>™</sup> Transpore<sup>™</sup> Transparent Tape

3M Transpore Transparent Tape


3M<sup>™</sup> Micropore<sup>™</sup> Paper Tape

3M Micropore Paper Tape


3M<sup>™</sup> Durapore<sup>™</sup> Tape

3M Durapore Tape


DUKAL American<sup>®</sup> White Cross Waterproof Adhesive Tape
2x Points

DUKAL American® White Cross Waterproof Adhesive Tape

$2.09 - $4.09

H&H Medical Combat Medic Reinforcement Duct Tape

H&H Medical Combat Medic Reinforcement Duct Tape


First Aid Only<sup>®</sup> First Aid Tape Rolls

First Aid Only® First Aid Tape Rolls

$1.59 - $2.99

DUKAL<sup>™</sup> Cloth Tape
2x Points

DUKAL Cloth Tape


DUKAL<sup>™</sup> Transparent Tape
2x Points

DUKAL Transparent Tape


MedSource Transparent Tape, 2” x 10yd

MedSource Transparent Tape, 2” x 10yd


3M<sup>™</sup> Microfoam<sup>™</sup> Surgical Tape

3M Microfoam Surgical Tape


Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Elastic Tape

Dynarex® Elastic Tape

$12.25 - $24.49

Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Porous Tape

Dynarex® Porous Tape


Johnson & Johnson Zonas<sup>™</sup> Porous Tape

Johnson & Johnson Zonas Porous Tape


Johnson & Johnson Elastikon<sup>™</sup> Elastic Tape

Johnson & Johnson Elastikon Elastic Tape

$28.25 - $105.50

Kendall Curity<sup>™</sup> Hypoallergenic Clear Tape

Kendall Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape

$13.79 - $17.99

Kendall<sup>™</sup> Hypoallergenic Silk Tape

Kendall Hypoallergenic Silk Tape

$15.79 - $22.57

Kendall Tenderskin<sup>™</sup> Hypoallergenic Paper Tape

Kendall Tenderskin Hypoallergenic Paper Tape

$9.21 - $10.99

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