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Lancets help with blood glucose monitoring by drawing blood from the skin. Emergency Medical Products (EMP) carries a variety of styles, sizes and colors to suit your preference. Shop Lancets, and many other diabetic supplies, from EMP online today.

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Curaplex<sup>®</sup> Safety Lancets
3x Points

Curaplex® Safety Lancets

$21.29 $12.77 - $21.29

Curaplex<sup>®</sup> Glucose Start Kits
3x Points

Curaplex® Glucose Start Kits

$0.89 - $0.99

Dynarex<sup>®</sup> SensiLance<sup>™</sup> Pressure Activated Safety Lancets

Dynarex® SensiLance Pressure Activated Safety Lancets


Haemolance Lancets, Normal Flow, 21ga, 1.8mm, Green

Haemolance Lancets, Normal Flow, 21ga, 1.8mm, Green

$23.99 - $24.99 $14.39 - $14.99

Unistik<sup>®</sup> 2 Safety Lancets

Unistik® 2 Safety Lancets


Roche Accu-Chek<sup>®</sup> Safe-T-Pro<sup>™</sup> Uno Lancets

Roche Accu-Chek® Safe-T-Pro Uno Lancets


Microdot<sup>®</sup> Professional Safety Lancets, 23ga, 2.2mm

Microdot® Professional Safety Lancets, 23ga, 2.2mm


Unistik<sup>®</sup> 3 Safety Lancets

Unistik® 3 Safety Lancets

$21.95 - $26.65

SurgiLance<sup>®</sup> Safety Lancet

SurgiLance® Safety Lancet

$18.25 - $21.60

ARKRAY Assure<sup>®</sup> Lane Safety Lancets

ARKRAY Assure® Lane Safety Lancets

$15.99 - $29.99

BD Microtainer<sup>®</sup> Contact-Activated Lancets, Blue

BD Microtainer® Contact-Activated Lancets, Blue


Ascensia Replacement MICROLET<sup>®</sup> Lancets

Ascensia Replacement MICROLET® Lancets


LifeScan<sup>™</sup> OneTouch<sup>®</sup> UltraSoft Lancets, 28ga

LifeScan OneTouch® UltraSoft Lancets, 28ga


AgaMatrix<sup>®</sup> WaveSense<sup>™</sup> Lancets, 33ga

AgaMatrix® WaveSense Lancets, 33ga


Veridian<sup>®</sup> Bionime Lancets

Veridian® Bionime Lancets


Veridian<sup>®</sup> GE Lancing Device

Veridian® GE Lancing Device