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Hartwell Medical

Hartwell Medical manufactures the two best-selling vacuum splint products in the industry; the well-known EVAC-U-SPLINT® and the semi-disposable FASPLINT®. Hartwell Medical also is the manufacturer of the award-winning CombiCarrier®, the first combination backboard and scoop stretcher. All of Hartwell Medical’s products are subjected to clinical evaluation and real-life field tests to ensure they meet our high standards and your ever-changing needs. Trust in Hartwell Medical to provide you with quality products for life.
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18 items found
Hartwell FASPLINT<sup>®</sup>
2x Points

Hartwell FASPLINT®

$22.99 - $329.99

Hartwell BioHoop<sup>®</sup> Collection Bag with Hook
2x Points

Hartwell BioHoop® Collection Bag with Hook


Hartwell CombiCarrierII<sup>®</sup> Backboard
2x Points

Hartwell CombiCarrierII® Backboard

$1,049.99 - $1,149.99

Hartwell EVAC-U-SPLINT<sup>®</sup> Extremity Splints
2x Points

Hartwell EVAC-U-SPLINT® Extremity Splints

$59.19 - $609.99

Hartwell EVAC-U-SPLINT<sup>®</sup> Mattress
2x Points

Hartwell EVAC-U-SPLINT® Mattress

$47.09 - $999.99

Hartwell EVAC-U-SPLINT<sup>®</sup> System
2x Points

Hartwell EVAC-U-SPLINT® System


Hartwell Briteview<sup>®</sup> Laryngoscope Blade
2x Points

Hartwell Briteview® Laryngoscope Blade


Hartwell CATCH-ALL<sup>™</sup>
2x Points

Hartwell CATCH-ALL


Hartwell FASPLINT HALFBACK<sup>®</sup> Half Body Vacuum Splint
2x Points

Hartwell FASPLINT HALFBACK® Half Body Vacuum Splint

$201.29 - $470.39

Hartwell Parts and Accessories
2x Points

Hartwell Parts and Accessories

$14.95 - $195.79

Hartwell GRANDVIEW<sup>®</sup> Laryngoscope Blade
2x Points

Hartwell GRANDVIEW® Laryngoscope Blade


Hartwell Standard Laryngoscope Handle
2x Points

Hartwell Standard Laryngoscope Handle


Hartwell FASPLINT FULLBODY<sup>®</sup> Splint
2x Points


$79.39 - $561.19

Hartwell CombiCarrier<sup>®</sup> II Head Immobilizer, Black
2x Points

Hartwell CombiCarrier® II Head Immobilizer, Black


Hartwell GRANDVIEW<sup>®</sup> Replacement Lamp, Pediatric/Adult
2x Points

Hartwell GRANDVIEW® Replacement Lamp, Pediatric/Adult


Hartwell Disposable GRANDVIEW<sup>®</sup> Laryngoscope Blade, Adult
2x Points

Hartwell Disposable GRANDVIEW® Laryngoscope Blade, Adult


Hartwell SUREVENT<sup>®</sup> Emergency Transport Ventilator with Manometer and Flex Tube
2x Points

Hartwell SUREVENT® Emergency Transport Ventilator with Manometer and Flex Tube


Hartwell SUREVENT<sup>®</sup> FlowMaster<sup>™</sup> Multiple Casualty (MCI) Kit
2x Points

Hartwell SUREVENT® FlowMaster Multiple Casualty (MCI) Kit