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Flambeau Products

Flambeau is a manufacturer that specializes in helping their customers protect, store and move their products in stock and custom plastic packaging products. They sell a variety of product lines for everything from EMS and medical to personal use, along with waterproof and nonconductive options to best meet their customers' varied needs.
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Flambeau<sup>®</sup> First Aid Case

Flambeau® First Aid Case

$32.49 - $44.79

Flambeau<sup>®</sup> EMS Case

Flambeau® EMS Case


Flambeau<sup>®</sup> Paramedic Gear Box, Orange

Flambeau® Paramedic Gear Box, Orange


Flambeau<sup>®</sup> 2-drawer Compartment Box, 8-14 Compartments, Orange

Flambeau® 2-drawer Compartment Box, 8-14 Compartments, Orange


Flambeau<sup>®</sup> Command Center Box, Orange

Flambeau® Command Center Box, Orange


Flambeau<sup>®</sup> EMS Drawer Case

Flambeau® EMS Drawer Case