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Athletic Tape

Athletic Tape (also called Sports Tape) aids in supporting muscle recovery after an injury. Various parts of the body can also be wrapped with tape to help prevent additional injury. Shop a variety of tapes at Emergency Medical Products (EMP) online today.

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Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Athletic Tape

Dynarex® Athletic Tape

$15.59 - $20.99

Dynarex<sup>®</sup> Elastic Tape

Dynarex® Elastic Tape

$12.25 - $24.49

Johnson & Johnson Elastikon<sup>™</sup> Elastic Tape

Johnson & Johnson Elastikon Elastic Tape

$28.25 - $105.50

Johnson & Johnson Coach<sup>®</sup> Athletic Tape, 1 1/2” x 15yd

Johnson & Johnson Coach® Athletic Tape, 1 1/2” x 15yd