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Gloves and the US Economy


It’s no secret that the US Economy has seen better days. The cost of energy and oil are always going up. Manufacturers are being forced to raise prices that in turn trickle down to you, the consumer. Unfortunately, medical gloves are not exempt from this. Other vendors have already announced price increases on latex gloves… Continue reading Gloves and the US Economy

Heartfelt Interview with an EMT


Sue Lani is a Volunteer EMT in Edwall, WA. Watch this short video on why she chooses to volunteer her time as an EMT. Take a moment and comment on why you chose to become an EMT. ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.com

How Was $1.8 Billion Spent?


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) declared nearly $1.8 billion in grants to uphold state, urban area, and tribal government endeavors to better the nation’s readiness, response, and recovery capabilities for both man-made and natural emergencies. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff commented, “These awards reflect a continued and serious commitment to first responders throughout the… Continue reading How Was $1.8 Billion Spent?

Have You Heard About MyClyns? Take A Minute To Read And Watch.


ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.com MyClyns is the only ready to use non-alcohol, first response spray providing immediate personal protection against a potentially harmful exposure that is safe to use on your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. All this and it has a convenient pen-like design that makes it super easy to carry. Check out… Continue reading Have You Heard About MyClyns? Take A Minute To Read And Watch.

Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighters


John Reubi, a fire marshal in Ross, Pennsylvania, hears one question more often than not when recruiting new volunteer firefighters: “What’s in it for me?” In 1974 Pennsylvania had 300,000 volunteer firefighters compared to only 72,000 in 2005. With the number of volunteer firefighters falling drastically some lawmakers are hoping to raise tax credits available… Continue reading Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighters

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