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Have You Heard Of The Curaplex Extrication Collar?


Are you looking for a low cost alternative to your current adjustable c-collar? If so, check out the Curaplex Extrication Collar. This single-use collar provides a low cost solution to neck immobilization. The Curaplex cervical collar comes equipped with an automatic flip up chin and two locking buttons. Even better, this disposable collar can be… Continue reading Have You Heard Of The Curaplex Extrication Collar?

What’s On This Year’s Curriculum?


Some kids are already back to school, while for others their turn is right around the corner.  For students at South-Doyle High School, who started school last week, they have a couple of new classes to choose from. The school board approved the incorporation of the emergency medical service and fire protection services classes, the… Continue reading What’s On This Year’s Curriculum?

National EMS Week


National EMS Week is May 20 – 26 and that puts us right in the midst of it!  This year’s theme is “EMS: More Than A Job.  A Calling.”  The purpose of National Emergency Medical Services Week is to join local communities and medical personnel to promote safety and honor to the dedication of those… Continue reading National EMS Week

“Keep Yourself Safe”


Farooq Muhammad is back at it!  Muhammad has released his latest EMS video entitled “Keep Yourself Safe” which highlights the potential risks EMS professional face every day.  Muhammad wanted to emphasize the significance of safety while working under dicey conditions.  How do you think he did? Source: youtube.com

What is Google+?


What is this thing called Google+?  Aside from the latest thing EMP is on, it’s kind of like Facebook, but as the name states, it’s Google’s version. If you’re not on it, basically all you need to do is create a profile.  Once you have your profile set up, find your friends (EMP) and put… Continue reading What is Google+?

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