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Hurricane Sandy Now Known as Superstorm Sandy


Hurricane Sandy has come to an end and is now being referred to as “Superstorm Sandy”.  Either way, in regards to damaging winds, coastal flooding, etc. “Superstorm Sandy” will have the same impact as Hurricane Sandy. As of 8 AM this morning nearly 8 million customers were reported to be without power across 15 states… Continue reading Hurricane Sandy Now Known as Superstorm Sandy

Tick Prevention – What Can You Do?


Ticks can infect humans with bacteria, viruses, and parasites that may cause serious illness. Taking the proper precautions can reduce your chances of getting a tick-borne disease. By following a few simple outdoor preparedness steps you can protect yourself from tick bites. Before you go outdoors apply a repellent with DEET on your skin.  By… Continue reading Tick Prevention – What Can You Do?

Fourth of July Sun Safety


This Fourth of July, or Independence Day, marks the 236th anniversary of the United States’ freedom.  In July 1776 the estimated population was 2.5 million.  Now, 236 years later the estimated population is 313.9 million.  That’s a lot of people and chances are many of them will find themselves celebrating outside, which means potential for… Continue reading Fourth of July Sun Safety

Handy Smartphone Apps for Hurricane Season


Not that the 2012 hurricane season is something to look forward to, but there’s no hiding from the fact that as of today, the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific hurricane seasons are in full swing. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season began May 15, but both the Atlantic and Eastern hurricane seasons end November 30. Better safe… Continue reading Handy Smartphone Apps for Hurricane Season

What is Potassium Iodide?


Potassium iodide is a salt of stable (not radioactive) iodine. Stable iodine is an important chemical needed by the body to make thyroid hormones. After a radiological or nuclear event, radioactive iodine may be released into the air and then be breathed into the lungs. There is also the potential that radioactive iodine may also… Continue reading What is Potassium Iodide?

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