Which AED is Right For Your Business or Organization? 5 Unique Scenarios & Options to Consider


With so many AED options being available with a variety of different features and functionality, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which AED is right for your business. We want to help you understand the different features and functionality from all angles. This is why we’ve put together 5 unique scenarios to illustrate features and options to consider when purchasing an AED for your business.

When the Ability to Hear Voice Prompts Is Compromised

Whether your business hosts events, such as festivals, sporting events, and other gatherings, or works through commotion on a daily basis, such as in manufacturing industries like automobile assembly plants, it’s likely one thing is shared in common: dealing with loud environments. Whether a sudden cardiac arrest occurs in the middle of a loud band playing, or at the production line during the peak of the work day, not being able to hear the AED’s voice prompts can be problematic, and potentially life-threatening. In these situations, having an AED that offers visual alternatives to auditory prompts and feedback is key.

Another important aspect of AED selection, is ensuring your AED caters to a wide variety of individuals in your organization. With many businesses and organizations employing a plethora of diverse individuals, it’s also important that the facilities and equipment are inclusive and accommodating to everyone – AEDs included. For example, it’s important to consider whether or not the AEDs accommodates individuals in your organization who may be hard of hearin

For any of these situations, choosing AEDs that have screen displays and text CPR feedback is a great solution. Screen displays help walk the user through the entire process. Instructional text gives the user detailed directions, while graphics and LED lights provide vivid visuals. If your business deals with loud environments on a regular basis where voice prompts cannot be heard, and needs an AED option that accommodates this, check out either the ZOLL AED Plus, or the ZOLL Powerheart® AED G5

Additionally, text CPR feedback feature makes it possible to receive visual CPR feedback that will pop right up on the screen of the AED, so that the user can understand in real time how they’re doing with their CPR compressions. If you’re looking for an inclusive AED option that caters to most individuals in your organization, including those that are hard of hearing, then we recommend the ZOLL AED Plus. This AED offers real CPR feedback in the form of either audio or text display, depending on the preference of the user, and also has screen display.

When Your Organization Interacts with Spanish Speakers

In the event that your organization has employees that are predominately Spanish-speaking, or interacts with a largely Spanish-speaking audience, having and AED that can be used and understood by both English and Spanish speakers alike is extremely crucial.

To accommodate situations like these, it’s best to consider dual language AEDs with auditory and visual prompts in both English and Spanish. We recommend the ZOLL Powerheart® AED G5. This AED offers voice prompts, system alerts, text displays, user-paced instruction, and many additional features in English, as well as Latin American Spanish. With this AED, your organization can rest assured that most bystanders will be able to assist in a cardiac arrest situation.

When Considering Frequency of Use in a Business Environment

Assuming you’re not in a healthcare environment, the use of your AED will probably be very seldom. For example, if you’re a typical 8-5 business with the majority of the employees working within the confines of an office or cubicle, then it’s unlikely your AED would be used on a regular basis. The AED likely is more of a precautionary piece of equipment to be prepared in case of a cardiac emergency.

While some healthcare professionals will opt to replace the lithium battery that the AED comes with by default, with a rechargeable battery, most businesses will be better off just using the lithium battery that the AED comes with. To start off, they have a lifespan that lasts several years, provided the AED is not used frequently and remains in “standby” mode the majority of the time. Additionally, they are easy to use, and require minimal maintenance.

To Provide the Most Easy-To-Use AED Option

Arguably, one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an AED for your business, is ease of use, and ensuring the general public and laypeople at large can feel comfortable using it. Can a random, inexperienced bystander at a sporting event or art festival figure out how to use an AED if someone around them were to collapse due to sudden cardiac arrest? Would an individual in an office setting, with no prior CPR/AED knowledge, feel confident enough to perform CPR and deliver shocks to a coworker that suddenly collapsed in the break room? Ensuring your business is equipped with an AED that laypersons can feel confident using is crucial.

This is why we recommend opting for automatic AEDs, as opposed to semi-automatic ones. Automatic AEDs will notify the user that a shock is needed, and will automatically deliver the shock. Semi-automatic AEDs tell the user that a shock is needed, but require the user to press a button to deliver the shock. While the difference doesn’t seem that significant, automatic AEDs can make all the difference in high-stress situations, where inexperienced laypersons may second-guess themselves. There are several Automatic AED options to explore on our site.

When You’re a Business On a Budget

Regardless of your budget, it’s still important that you receive a quality product you can rely on. Fortunately for businesses on a budget, it’s totally feasible to purchase a reliable, high-quality AED for a fraction of the price. These are called recertified AEDs, and are fully refurbished to meet the quality standards of a brand new AED. How exactly is this accomplished?

EMP’s factory-certified technicians fully test each AED through a 9-point inspection process. This ensures that the AED adheres to all factory guidelines and specifications. Each AED is meticulously cleaned and detailed to provide as close to a like-new appearance as possible. Every recertified AED comes with adult defibrillator pads, batteries and a 3-year warranty. If this sounds like an appealing alternative to a brand new AED, check out the recertified AEDs we have to offer!

We hope this article provided some guidance in helping you find the right AED for your business. However, if you’re still stuck, let us help! Download our FREE eBook below to learn about specific AED types, features, accessories and more.

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