What’s On This Year’s Curriculum?


Some kids are already back to school, while for others their turn is right around the corner.  For students at South-Doyle High School, who started school last week, they have a couple of new classes to choose from.

The school board approved the incorporation of the emergency medical service and fire protection services classes, the first of their kind in Tennessee, as part of the high school’s curriculum.

The classes are in partnership with Rural Metro.  Students will learn the same curriculum that Rural Metro’s Academy teaches, which includes putting out fires, fire crime scene investigation and the type of equipment used to put out different types of fires.  The emergency medical services course will also partner with the fire protection services class since firefighters sometimes act as first responders.

These classes enable students an early start to becoming firefighters and EMTs.  Following graduation the student will complete a summer’s worth of on the job training with Rural Metro.  At that point they’ll be eligible to then be put on Rural Metro’s payroll.

While at this time these courses are only being offered at South-Doyle High School, after three years they’ll be available to other schools in the district.  Hopefully we’ll see more opportunities like this throughout other school districts.

Source: knoxnews.com