What Is Veinlite?


Veinlite is the best vein finder for vein access in children, neonates, emergency medicine, critical care, radiology and oncology.

So, what does it have that makes it the best? Innovative Side-Transillumination Technology, which is a method where a bright ring of light is placed on the skin and focused under the skin to form a virtual light source below the skin. The virtual light source is like having a bright light bulb under the skin that moves with the Veinlite. The opening on the Veinlite devices provides access to the vein while imaging it for quicker and more precise vein access. The unique design also blocks the vein and stretches the skin for easier access.

These handheld transilluminators also come in assorted styles to suit your needs and your wallet. Check out the Veinlite EMS (for general vein imaging in adults and children), the Veinlite LED (the brightest) and Veinlite Pedi (designed for babies, newborns and neonates) transilluminators which are all small enough to fit in your pocket.

Source: veinlite.com