Tips for Holiday Health


Between the Christmas holiday and the whole Tiger Woods’ scandal (dare this be mentioned in the same sentence) have we forgotten about one of the oldest winter woes? The cold and flu are still going strong even though we haven’t heard too much about them lately.

Here are a few tips to help you (hopefully) make it through the season.

Keep your distance – your family and your friends, you love them but do you love their germs too? If they appear to be sick staying a good 3 to 6 feet away will decrease your chance of getting sick. Hopefully if they’re sick they’ll stay home but just in case.

Wash your hands – tried and true, we all know frequent hand washing with warm water and soap puts up a huge fight against germs. If you’re at a loss for a good ole hand washing carry a pocket size hand sanitizer with you.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle – get your zees, if you miss too much sleep you can wear down your immune system. Eat a healthy diet and if you’re going to splurge do so in proportion (we all love a Christmas cookie or two but ten or twelve in a sitting is overboard). Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you’re going to drink alcohol limit your intake to one or two drinks per day. Keep up with your exercise routine to help relieve stress and maintain your weight.