The Value of Teamwork


Flashback to February 2020. The EMP team started their day with weekend-catchups by the coffee station, they had brainstorm meetings in the “Trauma” conference room and they ate lunch together outside on the picnic tables.  

Cue March 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic flipped the corporate world on its head. As EMP settled in to remote work and video calls, the team had to adjust. Communication and collaboration were more important than ever to maintain a sense of togetherness, and best serve our customers.  

Now, in August 2021, we are finally beginning to return to the office. However, our teamwork isn’t just now returning – that comradery and teamwork went virtual with us and it will continue now as we find our new normal. 

For a peek behind the curtain, Jennifer Childers, a member of our Customer Service team, provides her thoughts on what it means to be a team player:  

What is Teamwork?  

Teamwork can be described as the combined action of a group of people to attain a common goal. 30 years ago, I had a manager tell me that he always felt the letters T.E.A.M should stand for “Together Everyone Achieves More.” 30 years later, I still quote that saying because I truly believe in it and have seen its meaning in action. Working as a team helps us not only take care of the customer, but also take care of each other. 

Why is Teamwork Important?  

Teamwork can promote unity in the workplace and foster friendship and loyalty. It can also offer different perspectives and feedback. It allows for improved efficiency and productivity, not to mention great learning opportunities. You may see a situation one way, while a teammate may have a completely different view of it. Working together and comparing ideas can create a resolution that you may not have found working alone.  

How Can I be a Team Player?  

Examples of Teamwork 

So, what are some ways you can contribute to the team dynamic? Teamwork can be something as big as offering to help with a huge project that a coworker has been assigned, or something simple like offering to switch shifts so your co-worker could leave early. Remember that day you had to leave early for an emergency? One of your co-workers said, “I can stay late.” Boom! Instant teamwork. You get a long call, but you’re still trying to finish your email campaign by the end of day. Someone steps in and finishes your campaign for you. Did someone say “Teamwork”? Yes, they did! 

We all can feel stressed and overwhelmed at times. Teamwork allows for you and your co-workers to share the load, complete the task at hand, and provide for a better experience for the customer. 

Who is on My Team? 

Teamwork isn’t just limited to your immediate department or co-workers. Think about all the times you’ve had to include the credit team on orders, or how many times we’ve asked the awesome people in our warehouse to check on a product for us because the customer had questions about it. Some might say that they’re just doing their jobs. I say they are acting as part of our team to get the job done right and to get the customer taken care of. But it goes both ways. How many times has the warehouse asked you to contact a customer on their behalf, or the credit team calls or emails you with questions? Teamwork rocks!  

We can sometimes forget that there are others around us who can help. One of my favorite examples of Sarnova teamwork is from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were backed up on web orders and it looked like there was no end in sight. Then, through the haze of phone calls and emails, help arrived in the form of co-workers from some of the other lines of business. Even though we knew that they wouldn’t stop the influx of calls and web orders, it definitely made a difference and we could feel the weight on our shoulders slowly lifting. That’s teamwork at its finest. 

Teamwork doesn’t mean that you HAVE to do someone’s job for them. It means that you are willing to pitch in and assist where needed to get the job done and the customer taken care of.  


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