Tax Credits for Volunteer Firefighters


John Reubi, a fire marshal in Ross, Pennsylvania, hears one question more often than not when recruiting new volunteer firefighters: “What’s in it for me?”

In 1974 Pennsylvania had 300,000 volunteer firefighters compared to only 72,000 in 2005. With the number of volunteer firefighters falling drastically some lawmakers are hoping to raise tax credits available to them to boost recruiting.

Although two similar bills have failed, U.S. Rep Jason Altmire (D-McCandless) hopes to get one passed that will provide an annual federal $1000 tax credit to active volunteer firefighters and emergency workers who serve for at least one year.

What tax credits are available in your state? Are you reimbursed for any medical equipment bags and cases? How about EMS clothing and accessories? Take this week’s poll on tax credits and post a comment on the EMP Emergency Services Blog about how your US State Government ranks.

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