Puppy Saved From Drain Pipe


Emergency rescue department to the, well, rescue!  A one-month-old puppy that was trapped in a Detroit drain pipe was saved thanks to rescuers who listened for the puppy’s squeals through a stethoscope.

The 4-week-old puppy had wandered away from its mother through a basement grate and into the underground drain pipe.  Plumbers were called to the scene and placed cameras into the pipe to determine the puppy’s location.  Rescuers realized the pipe emptied just outside of the basement and had an excavator brought in to dig down five feet to save the puppy.

The puppy was cold and dehydrated, but was brought to safety and in better shape than expected after his ordeal.  The puppy is now reunited with its mom and doing well.

Check out the video of the puppy’s rescue complements of the Michigan Humane Society:

Source: gma.yahoo.com