Prepare Your Office, Home and Vehicle for 2022


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to be prepared for the unexpected. Unfortunately, that includes medical emergencies.

We can’t help your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or travel more, but we can help you evaluate your medical supplies, organize what you have and outline what you’re missing, so if/when the time comes, you have what you need.

Where to Start

First things first, you need to take inventory of what you have.

1. Gather Supplies

Find all the medical supplies you have. Do you have medications in multiple locations? Think: your purse, your desk drawer, in every bathroom, in the breakroom, in the glove compartment? Walk around the office, your house and check in your car to find them!

2. Review Supplies

Lay out all of your medical supplies and look through them. Are any medications in the wrong containers? If so, put them where they belong. Do you have any empty boxes?

3. Discard Expired Items

Remove any items from the pile that have expired. Most first aid items can be thrown in the trash, like prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs including pills, liquids, drops, patches and creams. However, some medicines need to be flushed down the toilet. Here is the FDA’s Flush List.

4. Build “Keep” Pile

After you have reviewed all of your supplies and discarded the expired items you will be left with a “keep” pile.

5. Purchase or Replace Items

When you have your “keep” pile left over, review the lists below to see what items you need to add or replace. If you have multiple cars, consider getting extra supplies.

P.S. If you have grown kids, parents or friends who need to complete this exercise, forward this blog to them! Or, even better, send a first aid care package to them!

Important Items

Review these checklists to see what products we recommend having on hand:

For the Office or Event Space:

For the Home:

For the Vehicle (personal or company):

Where to Purchase

You can purchase some of these items from your local stores. Or, for easy shopping, just click the above links! All of the items above can be found at

A few things to remember before you purchase:

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Ways to Save with EMP

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Happy shopping!

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