National Fire Service and EMS Seat Belt Pledge


The Pledge:

“I pledge to wear my seat belt whenever I am riding in a Fire Department vehicle. I further pledge to insure that all my brother and sister firefighters riding with me wear their seat belts. I am making this pledge willingly; to honor Brian Hunton my brother firefighter because wearing seat belts is the right thing to do.”

For one year Firefighter Brian Hunton was a member of the Amarillo Texas Fire Department. On April 23, 2005 while responding to an alarm he fell out of his fire truck. He died two days later from his injuries. He was only 27.

As of November 28, 2008 The National Fire Service and EMS Seatbelt Pledge is officially supported internationally by NIOSH. Also as of November 28, 2008, North Carolina leads the nation in the number of 100% compliant departments. Is your department in compliance? When the alarm goes off the time is ticking, you get yourself and your rescue gear together and you go but do you take that moment to buckle up?

Check out this video on the importance of buckling up:

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